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Why it will help you

Every project you work on needs managing, has a cost and is a profit or loss to your business

Can you instantly access information to quote based on previous jobs?
Can you easily manage on-going jobs?
Do you know the reasons for any profit or loss?


This is how our customers say sfG Scope benefits them:

“Empowers everyone in the business to see accurate information on how we did actually in jobs, versus estimated time and costs in quotes.”
“Because it uses everyday language, it makes it non threatening for all people using it. People are calm using this, as it’s easy-to-use and terminology is geared at people that use it every day.”
“I now know profit and loss on everything and why. I don’t have to hunt around to find the information, but have it at the click of a button.”
“Saves me time and stress and makes life easier for our customers. Press a button and everything comes up, all in one place.”
Better Customer Experience
“I can watch live how a job is progressing against target and intervene to keep on track or re-set customer expectations.”