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Tip of the Month – Stock Levels and Locations

Managing Stock

A busy business can find itself with a lot of stock to manage. Having an accurate reading of your stock levels, the value and where exactly that stock is located is hugely important for any company. This is exactly where sfG Scope can assist.

Control the inventory, control the profits!

Joesph Brandt

Our stock feature allows you to manage, record and update stock based on where it is located and if it is allocated to certain jobs. When you create a job in sfG Scope, you can allocate stock to it which will automatically update the stock levels… so you always have the correct numbers to report on.

Many companies understand that they need to evolve their business processes as the company grows. With sfG Scope, all this information is in one place and is easy to use and understand.

Case Study – JCC Group

JCC Group Limited were aware that accessing information relating to specific jobs was difficult and time-consuming to find. Here is how they explained their previous processes, “We needed to know stock levels and locations and to know if we were short of anything. Even changing the location for stock in our accounting package was difficult and involved many clicks. It’s not all connected, and it involved a lot of re-keying and double entry.”

After taking on sfG Scope to solve these issues, JCC Group had this to say on their new software, “It saves us hours of work. With one click at any time, everything comes up. It’s so powerful. Plus, it’s simple and clear, using everyday terminology – and you only see what you need to use, which keeps it focused and straightforward.”

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Manage your Business with sfG Scope

sfG Scope is an easy-to-use job management system that assists you to efficiently manage on-going projects and analyse for profit and loss. Empowering you from creating quotes to managing timesheets, suppliers, stock and customers, to invoicing and analysing profit and loss using everyday language, in an easy-to-use system that links into your existing accountancy software.

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