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Tip of the Month – Job Costing

Nobody ever lost money taking a profit

Bernard Baruch

Job Costing

In a study conducted by Client Confident in 2018, it was found that on average over 1000 man-hours had been lost per project in the UK construction industry. On top of this, it was estimated that 15% of overall loss on a project was due to costs, timings, progress updates and project management issues.

sfG Scope Job Management Software

This problem isn’t unique to the construction industry, but we can help! With sfG Scope you can now get an accurate, easy and understandable costing for every job you do. Each costing is based on timesheet entries (Labour), purchase orders, and allocated stock (Materials). Below is an overview of our costing feature located in our Jobs section:

  •  Estimated Job Cost – Does what it says on the tin. This displays the estimated cost of the job based on the cost of labour and materials.

  •  Actual Cost – This outlines how much the job has actually cost you based on approved labour, purchases and stock used.

  • Sales Value – This shows how much the customer is going to be charged for the job based on the mark-ups you have applied to the  Estimated Job Cost.

  • Estimated Profit – This is calculated by taking the Sales Value and subtracting the Estimate Job Cost.

  • Actual Profit – The bit that really counts. This displays the Actual Profit made on the job by looking at the Actual Cost and the Sales Value. You can also see the variance between the Actual and Estimated Profit showing how accurate your original estimation was.


  • At the bottom of the Actual Profit segment, there is an option to ‘View Report’. This allows you to pull the detailed costing information from this job into an easy-to-read, accurate, printable report that shows a breakdown of all the figures.

After speaking with existing customers, we know how much of a difference this feature can make to a business. Saving time and money, you can now quickly view how your jobs are being managed.

For our existing customers, feel free to contact us for any further information on Job Costing and stay tuned for next months ‘Tip of the Month’!

Demo or Free Trial

If you are not an existing customer but think sfG Scope could work for you, feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to give you a demo and discuss how sfG Scope can help you!

Contact Ben Hosie – Product Manager – on 07930242234 or drop him an email at ben@sfgsoftware.com