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Turbocharge operations with software tailored to your business

Achieving business efficiency is arguably the goal of every business owner. However, it’s not always easy identifying the best way to accomplish this. 

With so much off-the-shelf software out there promising improvement, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which tech will help take your business forward and whether it can cater to your specific needs. 

But one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to software – customised solutions are often the best way to improve productivity, achieve high-quality customer service, boost sales and save precious time and money.  

Automate to accelerate 

One of the best ways that software can help to increase business efficiency is by freeing up staff time through automation. This enables the team to work faster and smarter and spend their time more efficiently. 

Choosing which parts of your business to automate is a key facet of custom software – this way, you are not limited to the restraints of the standard system and aren’t wasting money on features that you simply won’t use. 

By automating specific areas of your business, such as client management, you’ll not only save time but with easy-to-access data, you’ll also be able to more clearly identify new sales and up-selling opportunities.  

Automating other time-consuming tasks like invoicing and stock control will not only speed things up but will enable your team to work in other key business development areas. Plus, if you make a move from paper to digital communications and send out estimates and invoices from your CRM, you’ll also help save the environment! 

Take it to the next level 

Automation is fantastic, but as a business grows and evolves, so too can your software. This is why it’s a good idea to work with software providers that can help to customise some elements to meet your changing needs and give you the functions you really need. Further, by integrating new software with existing, effective tech that you have in place you can really turbocharge your business set up. 

sfG Scope’s simple solution can resolve a range of business issues at once, helping you to save time and money and drive the business forward. Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, it can be customised to suit your exact requirements, is easy to set up, and you’ll start seeing the benefits very quickly. 

When you choose sfG Scope, you also gain access to our dedicated team of developers. Our team is passionate about providing software solutions that meets your organisation’s needs and can offer unrivalled tailored support, whether you have been a customer for five minutes or five years. There is always a friendly human to help when you need it! 

A custom solution for Fuel10k 

Fuel10k, a fast-growing health food brand, were looking for a way to boost their stock management processes when they came across sfG Scope. They sell products through both physical retailers and online stores in the UK and worldwide and are constantly managing large stock quantities spread across several warehouses. 

They needed solid support with stock management to drive business efficiencies, including establishing a stronger system for calculating stock. 

sfG helped to solve these issues from the offset. They started by integrating Scope with Quickbooks so the client could retain some of the useful elements of the popular software, before adding more features to better meet their needs. Fuel10k were onboarded, up-and-running and reaping the benefits in under one month. 

Head here to find out more about how we helped Fuel10k to streamline their business.  

How Scope’s custom approach can help 

Project Management 

sfG Scope can make sure your contracts are on track, helping you to monitor progress and assign jobs to members of your team.  

Invoicing and Accounting  

Track your profits with Scope to see real-time progress and send out invoices, all in one place.  

Stock Management 

Monitoring your stock levels and predicting demand is done with greater accuracy using Scope.  

Time Tracking 

Scope allows you to understand where your team spends their time and update payroll with ease. 

Office 365 integration 

Attach files, distribute documents and send out quotes, purchase orders and invoices directly from Scope, saving time, money and the planet! 

Want to find out how sfG Scope’s bespoke software can support your business? Request a demo or get in touch with our friendly team.