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Sage Ends Support for Job Costing

Sage has ended support for Job Costing, but sfG Scope is the perfect replacement!

If you are using Sage Job Costing it is important to know that Sage has stopped actively supporting this module from 1st October 2021. Customers of Sage can continue to use the software, but they will no longer provide updates or improvements to the product. Read more here from Sage – Withdrawal of support for Sage Jobcosting.

If this is a concern for your business, sfG Scope is here to help. We have a strong focus on supporting businesses in the Highlands, and beyond, to ensure your job costing never skips a beat.

We’re a friendly and supportive business based in Inverness, UK. sfG Scope can replace your Sage Job Costing by helping you to:

  • Provide clear and transparent job costing
  • Add different types of costs to a job
  • Create templates for jobs
  • Create purchase orders and invoices against jobs
  • Add staff and timesheets against jobs
  • Provide similar generic reports that can be found in Sage Job costing, along with the ability to request custom made reports.

All of this provides a clear overview of how much a job will cost. It makes managing jobs much easier, removes the stress and keeps you on top of actual versus quoted jobs and costs. sfG Scope is designed to keep it simple, so why not contact us to discuss your needs or have a demo?

Andrew McKay, Managing Director, ANM Electrical, shares their sfG Scope experience.

sfG Scope can be the perfect replacement for Sage Job costing for electricians, plumbers, construction, building companies and other small businesses managing multiple jobs at a time.

Hear it from our customers:

 “It’s a great business tool for the company as a whole. It’s user-friendly, so has been received well by everyone and gives us instant job costing, creation, timesheets, invoicing and profit and loss. As the business was growing, we could see we needed to be more streamlined, to move away from paper copies and better manage the multiple on-going jobs.” Andrew McKay Managing Director ANM Electrical

Find out more about sfG Scope here and hear from some of our customers about how it is helping them.