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Manage Jobs

Job Management Simplified

Manage jobs with less stress and easy-to-use software, designed for all levels of technical ability. Store and access correct customer, supplier, stock, purchase order and expenses information in one location.

Once you have created a quote, create and maintain job information and the actual time spent on jobs

Put all the information you need next to jobs, so you have it in one place.

Easily find information about jobs, so when the customer calls, you see it all at once.

Add any files, PDFs, photos, contracts or other information related to jobs, so you can easily find it.

Store and access timesheet information to help understand actual time spent on jobs and allow you quote more accurately in future.

Be able to quickly see in one view, what is going on each week and month in a calendar view

Manage customer information – contact information, sites, which jobs and quotes are against them, historical information

Manage supplier information in one view – so you can easily find them when you need to

Manage purchase orders, check quotes back from suppliers and keep any records relating to suppliers in one place.

And see all your stock in one view. Access it quickly and be able to quote based on stock in store.

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