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Plumbing and Heating Engineer Software

Job Management Software for Plumbers

Managing jobs – from quoting, managing timesheets, stock and customers to invoicing and analysing for profit & loss.

Software from a Highlands-based business, focused on simplicity and service…

backed up by quality IT support experience.

Your Plumbing and Heating Business

Has your business grown to the point where it’s hard to manage things on paper and spreadsheets?

Do you need to pull together all your customer and contract information into one place?

sfG Scope is designed for small businesses like yours, that are growing.

We keep it simple. And we’re local to the Highlands.

How sfG Scope can help you

Quote for a plumbing or heating job

More accurately and quickly create quotes based on previous similar plumbing jobs and have them emailed automatically from sfG Scope to customers.

Manage jobs

Manage on-going jobs with less stress and easy-to-use software, designed to be easy-to-use. Store and access correct customer, supplier, stock, purchase order and expenses information in one location. For example:

  • Have sfG Scope create a list of actionable reminders – so you know for example when a boiler is due for maintenance, can contact customers – and competitors don’t jump in before you!
  • Know when you have ordered goods, whether you receive them all and paid the right price for them.

Invoice Customers

Invoice more easily, based on actual jobs, once complete or part-complete and link into your accountancy system.

Analyse profit and loss

Analyse actual versus quoted costs, to understand profit and loss and better quote for future. Empower everyone to find information easily. So when boiler replacements keep costing more than you think, you’ll know about it.

Want to find out how sfG Scope can support your plumbing and heating business? Request a demo or get in touch.

Supporting local business in the Highlands

We’re proud to support local plumbers in the Highlands with their job management needs. We’re an IT support company in Inverness, that developed sfG Scope for small business customers that needed it. So we know how to support and understand your wider IT needs. We’re also friendly and responsive and would love for you to get in touch. Give us a call! Get in touch