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How to move your business to the cloud

With the sudden onset of working from home, many businesses might be thinking of adopting a cloud-based approach on a more permanent basis.  

Cloud-based software, such as sfG Scope. enables your business to be agile, adapting to the changing needs of you and your customers while streamlining your business processes.  

However, we have found that sometimes business owners will be hesitant about moving to the cloud – this can be due to a fear of change or worries about over-complicating their current processes.  

Keep reading to find out why switching to cloud-based software is easier than you might think… 

Taking the first steps 

The first step for any business looking to move to the cloud is to have a look at your current system and processes and assess how you are working. Perhaps you are working in a fragmented way, moving between paper documents, computer-based-spreadsheets and several online systems and need a solution to help you streamline this and become more efficient.  

After assessing your current system, you need to decide what you really need from a your new, cloud-based system. With sfG Scope, a demo and the option of a free trial will help identify the requirements of your business. In many cases we can synchronise with your existing accounting system, so much of your existing data is pulled into sfG Scope automatically.  

Start there and speak to us – we can help! 

A swift and simple process  

The length of time required to switch over very much depends on how much customisation is required – sfG Scope is very flexible, so we like to ensure we have tweaked it correctly for your needs. 

It also really depends on how fast you can move and if all information is passed over quickly. All in all, you’d typically be looking at no longer than 2-3 weeks to switch over and we have onboarded customers in less time than this. 

User-friendly software  

As long as the customer has an internet connection, they can access sfG Scope and other cloud-based business systems anytime, anywhere! Being cloud-based means there’s no need to install anything on your computers. 

With sfG Scope, customers are given a brief demonstration of how the system works and where everything lives. We have found that sfG Scope is such an easy system to use that a lot of our customers and their employees need very little ‘training’. However, we are always happy to assist our customers with any training they need.  

 To make it even easier for businesses, sfG Scope integrates with Microsoft Office 365 email and popular accounting packages such as Sage 50, Xero and QuickBooks. 

Making the switch 

So, you’ve decided to make the switch to cloud based business software, what next? It is always best to try before you buy to ensure the system is right for you – that is exactly what you get with sfG Scope, as we provide you with a demo and a free 30-day trial. 

Most of all, don’t be worried – it is a much gentler process than you might think, and it will ultimately make you and your employees’ lives much easier! 

If you need any further convincing, don’t forget to check out our testimonials for sfG Scope. Most of our customers were hesitant at first to make a change, but as they have mentioned, it has transformed their businesses and now they rely on sfG Scope. 

Want to find out how sfG Scope’s bespoke software can support your business? Request a demo or get in touch with our friendly team.