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How sfG Software uses Scope

Customers value our sfG Scope business software for its ability to save time, simplify business operations and keep track of jobs from anywhere – we also know the benefits of Scope from a user perspective because we use it ourselves at sfG Software! 

Scope’s cloud-based software helps us to manage so many aspects of our business activities easily and from any location, which is especially helpful right now with more of us working from home than ever before.  

In this blog, Andrew McGibbon, Software Development Director at sfG, explains the ways we use Scope, how it was developed and who it benefits most… 

How did you decide what to include in Scope? Was this informed by your own needs as a company? 

We knew that there were some core features that clients requested that we build into bespoke software projects over the years that had many similarities.  

It made sense to build theses fundamental features into the initial version of Scope, then with feedback from our early customers and our own internal users, we gradually added to the feature set to make it the product it is today.  

Which features does the team use most day to day? 

Day to day in sfG Software, we mainly use Scope for job management and procurement. It has made invoicing so much easier at the end of the month and put an end to chasing down who ordered what when we receive a supplier invoice.  

What have been some of your biggest learnings since launching Scope? 

As Scope has grown, the biggest realisation is just how wide a range of business types it can be used for. Our customers are care providers, food manufacturers, engineering, construction and much more, it really can benefit any kind of business! 

Hear what our customers have to say about Scope here.  

What challenges does Scope help the team overcome? 

Even pre-pandemic, we often worked from different locations… now this has become the norm for everyone! Scope makes remote working, especially for a team, very easy by providing a central online hub for them to work from.  

How do you use sfG Scope in your day to day work? 

I create jobs for our ongoing software work and make sure completed work is marked for invoicing. Larger projects that span multiple months can be invoiced in stages which is very useful for software projects, while recurring jobs ensure that invoicing for ongoing services don’t get missed.  

What is unique about sfG Scope? 

We aim to provide a user-friendly system that speaks to you in plain English! With the flexibility of the configurations we can provide, it combines the benefits of a bespoke system with the lower costs and flexibility of an off-the-shelf system.  

What are the biggest benefits of using Scope for the team? 

We don’t need to email or call colleagues to find out what is happening with a job or a purchase – instead, we can very quickly look it up on Scope. Quote templates also allow speedy and accurate quoting of common work within our IT Support team. Basically, it makes our days go a lot smoother! 

Which team member benefits most from Scope today? 

We all benefit from having the information we need wherever and whenever we need it, but Andy, our IT Support Manager, has a far easier life now when he gets asked questions from our accountant. All the information is available at his fingertips.  

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