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How job management software can transform your business

Job management software, like our own sfG Scope, can bring a whole host of benefits to a business. From saving precious time to making working life easier for your employees, we’ve put together some of the main ways that this technology can transform how you do things in your business. 

Improve your employees’ experiences 

Any good business leader knows that your team’s happiness is key to a successful workflow. When employees enjoy their work and aren’t frustrated by things like time-wasting processes and systems, they can naturally work to the best of their abilities.  

Job management software reduces the time spent on previously manual processes, such as entering timesheet information and logging jobs, and frees up their time to be spent on more valuable tasks.  

sfG Scope’s time tracking software also enables you to understand where your employees are spending their time, giving you unrivalled insight into team productivity and project capacity so you can allocate resources more effectively and drive profitability. 

Streamline your invoicing and accounts  

Producing invoices manually can be a very time-consuming task for your finance department. Job management software can help save time and improve cash flow with paperless, bulk invoicing. 

With Scope, you can even integrate your existing accounting software to gain real-time insight into your projected vs actual profit. Scope’s accounting and invoice management solutions make financial reporting so much simpler, while you can be reassured of accuracy, with far less capacity for human error than with non-automated accounting approaches. 

Manage stock effectively  

Monitoring and predicting demand for stock is very important, but can be a real headache for businesses to manage. You need to know which products you need more or less of, and software like Scope can provide invaluable help with this.  

For example, sfG Scope provides a real-time window into your stock levels, allowing you to assess volumes, trace locations and increase accuracy so that you can maintain the right stock levels at all times, predict demand and be ready to fulfil customer orders without wastage.  

Removing the guess work from assessing stock levels will help your sales team boost productivity and profitability – and remove the need for hours of laborious stock takes! 

Make your business agile  

Finally, one of the best reasons you should consider introducing a job management system is the flexibility it can offer your business. 

Gone are the days when paper ruled the office – now, cloud based is king, and for good reason. Cloud based software gives you and your employees the freedom to work from anywhere, whether they are away from the office on the job or working from home.  

With software like Scope, you can manage your team, track timesheets, access finances and gain stock insight from anywhere with WIFI access! This is especially important as businesses become more agile with WFH practices, and it can even make your business more appealing when attracting new tech-savvy talent.  

If you’d like to find out more about how sfG Scope could benefit your own business, get in touch with our friendly team – we’ll discuss how we can tailor our business software to meet your company’s requirements.