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How we help Fuel10k manage stock easily and efficiently

Better insight into stock levels with Scope

Fuel10k is a fast-growing health food brand that needed a smart solution to give them better insight into stock levels with increased batch visibility. They were looking for a way to supercharge their stock management processes when they came across sfG Scope.

Purveyors of nutritious breakfast items sold through bricks and mortar retailers and online stores in the UK and around the world, Fuel10k are constantly managing large stock quantities, often in the region of 120,000 cases of products spread across several warehouses.


They had been using Quickbooks to handle stock but found its features somewhat limited when it came to meeting all their needs. Fuel10k needed solid support with stock management to drive business efficiencies including establishing a stronger system for calculating stock.

sfG helped Fuel10k to solve these issues with stock visibility and management from the offset. They started by integrating Scope with Quickbooks so the client could retain some of useful elements of the popular software, before adding more features to better meet their needs. Fuel10k were onboarded and up-and-running, reaping benefits in under one month.


The Fuel10k team are seeing great benefits in their operations with vastly improved stock traceability and batch allocation. They can quickly see how much stock is in store using batch codes which they couldn’t do before, a problem that was opening up weaknesses in the business.

If a batch of product wasn’t up to scratch and had to be recalled, being able to track and trace sub-par stock would have been time-consuming and complex. Now with Scope, Fuel10k can track and trace any batch and resolve any issues more quickly and smoothly. Simply put, they can easily find out where products have gone and when.

The business can also reconcile stock more easily with Scope. They can run and use reports to carry out stocktakes to create reports and there is a helpful stock adjustment history report that allows you to spot mistakes.


With having several warehouses in different locations across the UK, stocktakes and stock tracking used to be very time-consuming, now the company can easily see what’s going on and where.

Through changes to customer buying habits, including increased consumer spending online and bulk buying during Covid-19, Fuel10k have been busier than ever. Having Scope in place has been central to ensuring orders are fulfilled efficiently and stock levels managed precisely.

When Fuel10k come to carry out their end of month processes, the stock reconciliation is now much faster, enabling savings for the company on staff time and freeing them up to get involved in other things.


“Working with sfG has been a positive experience from set-up to onboarding, through to now having our system fully up and running with little support requirement. We’d be lost without it and now more than ever as demand has peaked during Covid-19!

“The sfG team are all pleasant to deal with and take a proactive approach. The customer service has been pretty incredible and they are very good at communicating with us and providing updates.

“It makes such a difference to be able to speak to a ‘person’ when you need technical support and is a welcome change to other tech companies that have ticketing systems in place. With sfG you’re more than a number and the support is there when you need it most! All issues are resolved quickly and within 12 hours.”

To find out more about how sfG Scope can help your business stay on top of stock management, phone us on 01463 630200 or email us.