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Time tracking management software

Time is a precious resource. Use sfG Scope’s powerful time tracking management software to make sure your team’s time is logged efficiently and understand where your organisation is spending its time.

sfG Scope can help you to and your team to:

  • Update timesheets from anywhere

Our user-friendly time tracking solution enables every member of the team to log and track time spent on jobs and submit their timesheets with ease

  • Understand where most time is being spent

sfG Scope gives you unrivalled insight into team productivity and project capacity so you can allocate resources more effectively and drive profitability.

  • Help you to improve efficiency

There’s no need for manual time tracking which means that time is logged more accurately. sfG Scope also enables you to smoothly import and export key timesheet data so that you can update payroll with ease

  • Log time in a central location

As your entire organisation’s timesheets will be stored, accessed and analysed easily from one central location, users enjoy quick access to key reports from anywhere in the world.

  • Make auditing easier

Taking your timesheet management to new heights, users can easily see estimated versus actual time spent and see how profitable certain jobs have been.

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