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Integrated project management software

Are you struggling to keep track of your contracts? Are jobs piling up, with confusion in your team about who is responsible for what? sfG Scope’s integrated project management software allows you to track the status of your projects from start to finish.

Using our intuitive project lifecycle management software, you will be able to:

  • Track a contract

Never be in doubt about the status of your contract again. No matter the size and scope of the project that you are delivering, stay up to date with real-time information on progress. 

  • Assign jobs to individual team members

Ensure everyone in your team understands what’s needed of them, with jobs assigned to individual employees with ease.

  • Check on team progress

Monitor how your team is progressing with their jobs and assess whether you are keeping to a deadline.

  • Integrate with Office 365 and accounting software

Our full-service software integrates with existing business management tech so that you can manage your business from one place. Learn more about Microsoft 365 integration and accounting software integration.

Using our integrated project management software, sfG Scope, you can manage your business and assess your team’s progress effectively. Access sfG Scope from anywhere in the world and to gain insight on the status of your jobs and contracts.

No matter the scale of the work that you are delivering, sfG Scope will ensure that you are always on track. Never be in doubt about how your contract is progressing. When your client checks in with you, have real-time information to hand.

There are many benefits to using this project management software solution. sfG Scope helps you to:

  • Deliver cost-effective contracts

Don’t waste time and resource manually checking contract progress. Count on our automated software to keep you in the loop.

  • Boost productivity

Free up your team’s time and assess who has the capacity to ensure all of your employees are productive.

  • Deliver a better service

Don’t get lost in the detail. Offer your clients a more efficient service by having key information about your contract ready when you need it.

Our integrated project management software is used by business of many sizes across a breadth of industries. Here’s what Andrew Mackay, Managing Director of ANM Electrical had to say about sfG Scope:

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