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How we’re empowering businesses to work flexibly and effectively

Logic Alarms van in the Highlands

As more companies realise the benefits of bringing on board job management software, we are delighted when our clients come back to us to relay how sfG Scope has made a positive difference to their business.  

One such company is Highland-based Logic Alarms, a fire and security company whose team of staff deal with any fire, security, CCTV, emergency systems, and automatic door enquiries or problems their customers may have.  

From disconnected to integrated 

Previously, the various elements of their business process remained separate, costing them precious time and the resulting cost that comes alongside a disconnected system. Now, after enjoying the benefits of sfG Scope for over six years, they’ve seen their efficiencies skyrocket and processes made much simpler for staff. 

Gary Mackenzie, Senior Operations Manager at Logic Alarms, explains that they have added elements to Scope such as:  

“…quotations, stock control, online portal, payroll, engineer scheduling, purchase and sale invoicing and also a very good reporting feature, where reports can now be added relatively easy as all the data is now stored securely in Scope.”  

Our software makes it easy to manage ongoing jobs and enables you to analyse your business performance, finding reasons for any changes in profit or loss. Plus, our software is a jargon-free zone, meaning everyone on your team will find it simple to understand and use. 

A flexible service for remote working 

But for Logic Alarms, the biggest benefit that sfG Scope offered is the ability to access every element of the business processes at any time and from anywhere. This has allowed their staff to work more flexibly when required, especially during the Covid-19 crisis, which saw their staff working from home, many for the first time.  

Gary explains: 

“The biggest benefit to using Scope is the ability to pick it up from any location with an internet connection and access all the material required to operate the business – this to me is invaluable.”  

“Most of our business was previously paper based, but Scope has allowed our office-based work to continue pretty much unchanged with staff working from home.” 

Aside from allowing office-based staff to work from home, sfG Scope also lets their engineers to send and receive jobs remotely via electronic tablets. This remote system enables their timesheets to be automatically updated and allows them to access customer details while out on a job.  

Our friendly and effective team 

Aside from the technical and business advantages of sfG Scope, Logic Alarms were also delighted with the friendly and efficient service they received from our team. 

We prioritise the needs of our customers, always ensuring there is someone on hand to answer any queries or fix any problems they might have. Our service is always tailored to how our client’s business operates, so they receive a package that is as unique as they are.  

Gary said of our customer service: 

“Working with Andrew from point of contact to meeting was always seamless and based around how we operate, so we did not have to wait for answers to our questions. The developers all along the way have been great to work with and figure out any issues that may arise in a friendly and efficient manner.”  

If you’d like to find out more about how sfG Scope could benefit your own business, get in touch with our friendly team – we’ll discuss how we can tailor our business software to meet your company’s requirements.