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How job management software can transform your business

Job management software, like our own sfG Scope, can bring a whole host of benefits to a business. From saving precious time to making working life easier for your employees, we’ve put together some of the main ways that this technology can transform how you do things in your business.  Improve your employees’ experiences  Any good business leader […]



How sfG Software uses Scope

Customers value our sfG Scope business software for its ability to save time, simplify business operations and keep track of jobs from anywhere – we also know the benefits of Scope from a user perspective because we use it ourselves at sfG Software!  Scope’s cloud-based software helps us to manage so many aspects of our business activities easily and from any location, which […]



Meet the Team: Ben Hosie, Product Manager, sfG Scope

We thought it would be good to introduce some of our small, friendly GIANT team members that make up sfG, so we’ve created a new blog series to share some insight. In our first post, we talk to Product Manager, sfG Scope, Ben Hosie. Ben is a real team player and frequent man of the […]



How to move your business to the cloud

With the sudden onset of working from home, many businesses might be thinking of adopting a cloud-based approach on a more permanent basis.   Cloud-based software, such as sfG Scope. enables your business to be agile, adapting to the changing needs of you and your customers while streamlining your business processes.   However, we have found that sometimes business […]



How to stay secure while working from home

Across the UK, you’d struggle to find a business that has not been impacted by Covid-19. While businesses adapt to ‘the new normal’ they have had to quickly adapt to new working practices to stay afloat.   Many businesses have been playing catch up to overcome the latest restrictions and set up remote working for their employees. […]



Turbocharge operations with software tailored to your business

Achieving business efficiency is arguably the goal of every business owner. However, it’s not always easy identifying the best way to accomplish this.  With so much off-the-shelf software out there promising improvement, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which tech will help take your business forward and whether it can cater to your specific needs.  But one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to software – customised solutions are […]



How we help Fuel10k manage stock easily and efficiently

Fuel10k is a fast-growing health food brand that needed a smart solution to give them better insight into stock levels with increased batch visibility. They were looking for a way to supercharge their stock management processes when they came across sfG Scope.



Move your business to the cloud and never look back

In the ever-changing workforce of today, there are now more businesses existing solely online and that figure is growing fast! Following the Covid-19 crisis, even more office-based businesses have turned to remote working to ensure their business operations can continue while maintaining the safety of their staff, who would otherwise have to put their health […]



Logic Alarms van in the Highlands

How we’re empowering businesses to work flexibly and effectively

As more companies realise the benefits of bringing on board job management software, we are delighted when our clients come back to us to relay how sfG Scope has made a positive difference to their business.   One such company is Highland-based Logic Alarms, a fire and security company whose team of staff deal with any fire, security, CCTV, […]



sfG Scope

Business software: The benefits of automating your business processes

From task management software to accounting tech, many companies today are using automated business software to streamline their processes. Automating your company’s processes can save time and resource, as well as increasing productivity and profitability. Some companies delay automating their processes, as they are put off by the prospect of a lengthy transition – however, […]