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How we’re empowering businesses to work flexibly and effectively

As more companies realise the benefits of bringing on board job management software, we are delighted when our clients come back to us to relay how sfG Scope has made a positive difference to their business.   One such company is Highland-based Logic Alarms, a fire and security company whose team of staff deal with any fire, security, CCTV, […]



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Business software: The benefits of automating your business processes

From task management software to accounting tech, many companies today are using automated business software to streamline their processes. Automating your company’s processes can save time and resource, as well as increasing productivity and profitability. Some companies delay automating their processes, as they are put off by the prospect of a lengthy transition – however, […]



Tip of the Month – Stock Levels and Locations

Managing Stock A busy business can find itself with a lot of stock to manage. Having an accurate reading of your stock levels, the value and where exactly that stock is located is hugely important for any company. This is exactly where sfG Scope can assist. Control the inventory, control the profits! Joesph Brandt Our […]



Tip of the Month – Job Costing

Nobody ever lost money taking a profit Bernard Baruch Job Costing In a study conducted by Client Confident in 2018, it was found that on average over 1000 man-hours had been lost per project in the UK construction industry. On top of this, it was estimated that 15% of overall loss on a project was due […]